Volunteer Fundraising for VINE

Almost 500 animals live at VINE Sanctuary, all of whom need food and fresh bedding every day as well as regular veterinary care. Many sanctuary residents have special needs, such as nutritional supplements or medications for chronic conditions. And, of course, our dedicated animal care staff and grounds crew need paychecks so that they can buy their own groceries!

Direct costs of animal care at VINE are high and non-negotiable. While we do everything we can to make the most out of every dollar, for example by building with salvaged materials, the costs of things like hay and veterinary medicines are fixed. That means that one of the most important things a friend of VINE can do is help us to raise the funds we need to take care of everybody.

Luckily, there are lots of ways that you can help us raise money, even if you can’t afford to donate yourself. Here are some ideas:

Organize a DIY Fundraiser for VINE
Because we are located in a low-income, low-population region, many hours away from any big city, we cannot rely on on-site or nearby fundraising events to raise substantial funds. But that doesn’t mean events are out. To the contrary! We intend to make this liability into an asset, by encouraging our friends elsewhere to organize events at which they both raise funds for VINE and raise awareness about animals. Dining with friends, baking, bike-riding, karaoke, board games… all of these and many more fun activities can be ways to raise money for VINE and promote veganism at the same time. Click here for some of our ideas, but don’t let those limit your imagination. We’re sure that there are many more ways to raise funds and awareness at the same time.

Table for VINE at local events
Is there an annual VegFest or similar event in your area? If so, consider staffing a table for VINE, complete with donation jar, newsletter sign-up sheet, and items for sale. We’ll provide all the necessary materials as well as training. Contact us if you know of a local event at which you might be willing to table for VINE.

Set out and maintain donation jars for VINE
Is there a farmed animal sanctuary near you? If so, then don’t do this. (We don’t want to inhibit any other sanctuary’s ability to raise funds.) But if there is no farmed animal sanctuary near you, then please do consider taking on the responsibility of asking local shops to allow you to set up a donation jar for VINE near the cash register. We’ll provide the jars, along with instructions. Contact us for details.

Sign up to be a volunteer grant writer for VINE
Are you a writer by trade or avocation? Are you able to both write creatively and follow precise instructions? If so, you may be able to help us with our backlog of grants for which we would like to apply. Contact us for details.

Use social media to help VINE raise money
You can help raise the funds to feed sanctuary residents while going about your regular online life. Like us on Facebook and visit our page regularly, making sure to share our fundraising posts with your social circle. Do you tweet? Follow VINE and make an effort to retweet us regularly, to help us gain followers who might become donors. Retweet our fundraising tweets, or make up your own.  Do you have a blog? Add our blog to your blogroll. Write your own blog post about VINE, one of our residents, or one of our campaigns. Or, ask us for a guest post or for permission to repost one of our past posts.

Ask your friends and family to donate to VINE
If you can work up the courage to do it, this can be the easiest way to help VINE raise funds. Simply ask the people in your life who you know could afford to do so to donate to VINE. Maybe they are animal-lovers who will be moved by pictures and stories about sanctuary residents. Maybe they are activists who you think would appreciate VINE’s unique projects and characteristics. Maybe they are bird watchers who would enjoy helping to feed the birds at VINE or gardeners who would willingly pitch in to help us maintain our on-site and community garden plots. Tell them about VINE and invite them to contribute.