Volunteer for VINE

For a sanctuary serving so many animals and contributing so much to the vegan and animal liberation movements, VINE has a very small staff. We want to do so much more than we have been able to do, but to do that, we need you.

Although we always welcome local volunteers to help out with on-site work and local events, you don’t need to live in Vermont to help out at VINE. Read through the kinds of volunteer opportunities below, and then use the form at the bottom of the page to tell us what you’d like to do.

On-Site Opportunities

While we rely on trained staff to provide hands-on care to sanctuary residents, our buildings and grounds crew always has a running list of chores and improvements. (Click here to see examples.) If you’re willing to work hard and don’t mind getting dirty, then we certainly can find something for you to do. If you have special skills such as carpentry or vehicle maintenance, we may have a special job for you. Either way, helping out on site is a great way for local animal lovers or work groups from afar (such as student groups) to help out while spending time with sanctuary residents. Please note that we cannot offer overnight accommodations.

Off-Site Opportunities

None of us here are very good at asking for money, which is a shame because it costs a LOT of money to provide food, bedding, and veterinary care to the nearly 500 animals who live at VINE Sanctuary. From organizing fun fundraising events in your own town to helping VINE apply for grants, there are many ways that you could help us make some hay. Click here for ways you could help us keep everybody at the sanctuary safe, healthy, and well-fed.

From our longstanding campaign to discourage the growing trend of exploitation of hens in backyard chicken coops to forthcoming campaigns against dairy and for plant-based agriculture, we have many endeavors that will stall if we don’t find more volunteers. We need researchers, news monitors, librarians, writers, and leafleters as well as experienced activists able to help plan and coordinate campaigns. Click here to see some of the things we currently need people to do.

Social Media
You can be a VINE volunteer while going about your regular online life. Do you tweet? Follow VINE and make an effort to retweet us regularly. Like us on Facebook and visit our page regularly, making sure to share some of our posts with your social circle. Do you have a blog? Add our blog to your blogroll. Write your own blog post about VINE, one of our residents, or one of our campaigns. Or, ask us for a guest post or for permission to repost one of our past posts.

We need volunteer “page minders” to help us keep our website up to date. Page minders visit their designated pages regularly, to make sure the links are still live, but also –and more importantly– keep an eye out for content (web pages, videos, etc.) that we could add to the page to keep it fresh. You don’t have to know anything about coding to do this. If you can read and navigate this page, you can do it.

Be a VINE Cultivator!
Gardeners know: Vines sometimes need tending so that they can spread. Because we are in a low-population, rural region, we need “VINE Cultivators” in towns and cities to help spread the word about VINE and our work. VINE cultivators leave literature in public places, set up and maintain donation jars in vegan businesses, and table for VINE at local VegFests. If you’re an active and sociable person who has been looking for a way to make a substantial difference for an animal organization, this might be the volunteer opportunity for you.