VINE Campaigns Volunteer Opportunities

At present, VINE Sanctuary has numerous outstanding needs for volunteers to help plan and implement its campaigns. This list is always changing, so please check back again if you don’t have the time or inclination to help in these particular ways. Also, please do feel free to write to tell us what you would like to do, since it’s possible we’ve got some unlisted needs or opportunities that might work for you.

“Backyard Birds” Campaign
VINE Sanctuary helped to organize a collective campaign among sanctuaries opposed to the growing trend of backyard exploitation of chickens for eggs. While that campaign was successful in convincing almost 30 municipalities to disallow such animal exploitation within their boundaries, the fad has continued and seems to be gaining energy. We need to re-energize this campaign, but do not have the staff time to do so. We need volunteers to assume the following responsibilities: (1) Monitor Google News in order to identify communities in which this question has become a matter of public debate; (2) Send copies of the collective statement of sanctuaries to legislators and reporters in identified communities; and (3) Locate and contact animal advocacy organizations in identified areas to provide them with information and encourage them to speak out.

We need researchers to help us locate and collate information relevant to a number of different campaigns, including those to oppose “dairy” and promote plant-based agriculture in particular regions. We have an especial need for volunteers with education or experience in the fields of botany, agronomy, economics, and ecology, but anyone who is capable of doing online research–and especially anybody with access to a college or university library–could potentially help us out.

To get the Lou Memorial Library out of the planning stages and into reality, we need volunteer “librarians” to (1) identify already-published case studies meeting our criteria for inclusion; (2) encourage grassroots animal advocacy and liberation organizations to prepare their own case studies; (3) assist in the preparation of those case studies; and (4) identify other online resources that the library should link to.

Leaflet Distributors
Whether it’s our own publications or those of allied organizations, we believe in spreading the word by unconventional means, distributing leaflets and other materials not only at food co-ops and the like but also in places, like laundromats and bus stations, where everyday people are bored and looking for something to read. If you might be willing to help keep places like that near you stocked with radical, pro-animal reading material, let us know!

Webpage Monitors
Several existing and planned web pages related to our campaigns will require monitors who regularly check the page for dead links and also notify us of new web content (videos, articles, etc.) to which we might link.

Project Coordinators
For the Lou Library and several other stalled or planned projects, we need experienced activists who are willing and able to step into the role of project coordinator. Please write to us, telling us about your interests and your activist experience, if one of those activists might be you.