Veganic Gardening Club

The Veganic Gardening Club is a fun and easy way to support VINE’s community campaigns while increasing your own gardening knowledge and skills.

Club members donate $5 each month, with those donations earmarked for VINE’s efforts to promote veganic gardening, plant-based agriculture reform, and increased access to healthy vegan food.

Club members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Monthly members-only newsletters filled with fun facts and season-appropriate gardening tips
  • Access to a members-only discussion board for seed-swapping, advice sharing, and other garden talk
  • Exclusive access to VINE’s gardening experts (and their libraries)

That means that, when club members have gardening questions or problems, they may both use the message board to solicit input from other club members and write directly to VINE, knowing that an expert gardener on staff will draw upon their experience and reference library to try to answer.

As the club grows, we hope to introduce club activities, depending on member interest. We have ideas, but we want to wait and see what club members want to do.

We’re excited about the club and hope you will be too. To join, just use the PayPal link below to set up your monthly donations.

Or, if you prefer, send a check for 6 months or a year of “club dues” to: VINE, 158 Massey Road, Springfield, VT 05156. Be sure to include a note explaining that you are joining the club and telling us an email address to which we can send log-in information for the members-only discussion board.