Support the Sanctuary

“Chicken scratch” may mean “next to nothing” in common parlance, but 50lb sacks of organic scratch feed don’t come cheap.

Many of the animals at the sanctuary—like Luna, Blake, Fennel, and other cows who have been rescued from starvation situations, not to mention any hen who has endured forced molting at an egg factory—arrive hungry. All need lots of healthy food every day. Many need medications, and all need fresh bedding every night.

Feed the birds!

VINE Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation. If you can afford to do so, please support our work with a contribution. You can use the PayPal button below to make an online donation.

Or, you can use the button and drop-down menu below to set up a monthly contribution (an easy way to make a difference without having to remember to write a check).

If you would prefer to write a check, please do feel free to do so, using the address below:

Vine Sanctuary
158 Massey Road
Springfield, Vermont 05156

Not sure how much to give? Here’s an sampling of some of our costs:

  • $2.50 buys a packet of water soluble vitamins for birds
  • $6.00 buys a bale of wood shavings for bedding
  • $11.00 buys a two-string bale of straw for bedding
  • $12.00 buys 50lbs of fortified grains for cows and sheep
  • $17.00 buys 50lbs of pelleted feed for emus
  • $25.00 buys 50lbs of organic scratch feed
  • $26.00 buys 40lbs of wild birdseed for pigeons and doves
  • $29.00 buys 50lbs of black oil sunflower seeds for chickens
  • $38.00 buys 50lbs of specialty seed for pigeons and doves
  • $40.00 buys a month’s supply of “bute” (pain relief for arthritic cows)
  • $50.00 buys a 400-500lb bale of hay for cows and sheep

As of mid-2014, our sanctuary population stands at over 450 animals, including nearly 40 cows, hundreds of hens and roosters, scores of pigeons and doves, dozens of ducks and geese, seven sheep, several turkeys, two emus, one peacock, and one pig.

Another great way to support the sanctuary is to sponsor a sanctuary resident. Sponsors cover the monthly costs of  their favorite sanctuary resident and, in return, receive regular updates about that animal Visit our sponsorships page to learn more.

If you can’t afford to make a cash donation right now, you can still support the sanctuary! If you have a blog, website, or Facebook page, linking to us will help other people to find us. If you live nearby or have a skill you could share from afar, please do write to inquire about volunteer opportunities.