When you sponsor a sanctuary resident at VINE, you know that you are making a difference in the life of a specific animal. We keep you posted with regular updates on how that animal is doing and what is happening in his or her life.

What do sponsorship dollars cover? Food, bedding, and routine health care. (We don’t expect sponsors to cover the unpredictable costs of veterinary care in the case of illness or injury.) For example, for a chicken, you are buying scratch feed, sunflower seeds, vitamin supplements, and straw for bedding. For a cow, you are buying hay as well as paying that animal’s share of the costs of sanding the barn, seeding the pastures, and keeping the herd healthy.

The monthly donations associated with sponsorships are pegged to the actual costs associated with animals of that breed. Feeding a  two-pound bantam rooster costs a lot less than feeding a 2,000 pound bull! Turkeys, geese, ducks, and emus eat more than chickens (being larger), and their pelleted feed is more expensive.

The easiest way to sponsor a resident at VINE is to use PayPal, which will set up a subscription to automatically charge the debit or credit card of your choice each month. You could also elect to pay by check each month, but we cannot afford to send out reminders by mail, so please choose that option only if you are not forgetful!

To sponsor an animal by PayPal, just fill out the form below and then click “Subscribe.” When specifying which resident you would like to sponsor, you can either choose among the sanctuary residents profiled on our website or Facebook page or let us choose, allowing us to assign you an animal who might not be as photogenic or have a particularly dramatic story but who needs care nonetheless. If you elect to let us choose, just write “you choose” in the blank for the name of the resident you want to sponsor.

Sponsorship Options
Name of sponsored animal

If you prefer to sponsor an animal by check, please write us an email message first, letting us know which sanctuary resident you would like to sponsor. Then just send your check each month to:

VINE Sanctuary
158 Massey Road
Springfield, VT 05156