Meet a young ewe who started out shy but now loves kisses.

Sugar came to VINE Sanctuary from a person in Central Vermont who had purchased her and three other sheep for the purpose of making yarn from their wool. When the person became unable to care for the sheep, who also were harassed by a neighbor, VINE stepped in and offered Sugar and the rest of the group a good home.


Olive, Lemon, and Sugar upon arrival — that’s Sugar between the two others

When Sugar arrived at the sanctuary, she was still a lamb and so shy that she ran from anybody other than the sheep with whom she arrived. She seemed tense all the time. She was especially leery of people, holding back even when her friends came forward for scratches and treats. Human and nonhuman sanctuary denizens alike respected her wishes, giving her the space and time she needed to feel safe. Gradually, gradually, she widened her circle of friends and became less fearful of people.


Sugar, with Matisse on her back and Nigel by her side, all on the prowl for snacks

Sugar is now nearly two years old. She still prefers to run with the sheep crowd, but she now includes not only Lemon and Olive (with whom she arrived) but also Lamby, Nigel, Broggy, and ALFie among her pals. She seems more comfortable with the cows, sometimes naps with calves, and even sometimes allows roosters to ride on her back! She’s become more comfortable with people too, coming forward eagerly for fruit and other treats. She seeks kisses from Kathy and sometimes shows up at pattrice’s door, looking for a snack. We’re all so glad to see how Sugar has grown in confidence and happiness here at the sanctuary.


Sugar doesn’t yet have a sponsor is sponsored, but her friends Lemon and Olive still need sponsors. Click here to learn how to sponsor them or another sanctuary resident.