Lola and Seth

Some people think peacocks are magical. We can understand why! Lola and Seth arrived independently but simultaneously at Farm Sanctuary, in each case after appearing seemingly out of nowhere.


Lola and Seth brought their beautiful feathers to VINE Sanctuary in late 2013 and have been enchanting us ever since. In all but the worst weather, they prefer to roost in the trees rather than sleep in the barn or a coop. In the mornings, they swoop down, gliding long distances before landing gracefully in the pasture. We feel lucky whenever we see this.

Of the two peacocks here at VINE, Lola is more calm and sensible while Seth tends to be high-strung and –dare we say it? — flighty. Both like to discover and try out different places to perch, including odd places like the tops of tractors and pick-up trucks.


Lola and Seth tend to keep their own company but do sometimes socialize with turkeys, who are close to peacocks in habits and temperament. And, of course, now that his lovely tail feathers have grown in, Seth enjoys parading. The blue-and-green “eyes” of his tail feathers shimmer and shine in the morning sunshine, but Lola is usually too engaged in her own activities to notice.

We notice, and we appreciate both of them.

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