On-Site Volunteer Work at VINE

Every day at VINE, coops, barns, and must be cleaned. Sometimes, we put volunteers to work doing that. Otherwise, the tasks we might ask volunteers to do varies by season and according to what happens to be on our “to do” list that week.

Here are some examples of the kinds of work a volunteer or work team might be asked to do:

Routine Chores
Clean barns or coops
Scrub and rinse water bowls and troughs
Scrub and rinse feed bowls and troughs
Scrub barn gates
Scrape and rinse barn walls
Rake feeding huts
Rake pigeon aviary yards

Seasonal Chores
“Spring cleaning” (also done in Fall) of coops, barns, and aviaries
“Spring cleaning” (also done in Fall) of transport crates and rehab cages
Repaint coops, sheds, and other structures as needed
Wipe down and put away seasonal equipment (heaters, fans, etc.)
Pull out and assemble seasonal equipment (winter heaters, summer fans, etc.)
Pasture maintenance (seeding, weeding, stick pick-up, etc.)
Foraging yard maintenance (raking, seeding, etc.)
Pond maintenance

Special Projects
Dig small pond for emus
Frame out and assemble metal shed
Construct perches and climbing structures for birds from salvaged materials
Construct sun/rain shelters for birds from salvaged materials
Help to set up and maintain community garden plots

Specialized Skilled Labor
Repair structures as needed
Build cupboards for feed area
Build flooring for emu hut
Grade “down the hill” foraging yards to improve drainage
Tractor maintenance
Maintenance and improvements of aviaries
Miscellaneous carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical jobs as needed

Indoor Tasks
Inventory merchandise (t-shirts, books, etc.)
Inventory supplies
Clean and organize supply cupboards


Volunteers from Brandeis relax with Jack after a weekend of work for VINE