DIY Fundraisers for VINE

These are just a few of our ideas for DIY fundraisers you could organize for VINE. DIY stands for “Do-It-Yourself,” but we will help! From brochures and donation jars to pledge sheets for walk/bike/bowl-a-thons, we’ve got you covered. Once you let us know that you intend to organize a fundraiser, our volunteer coordinator will get in touch to offer support.

Hold a yard or garage sale for VINE. Having a yard sale? Why not donate your proceeds to VINE? Selling your used goods is not only good for the planet but also can be good for VINE too.  Wanna go bigger? Organize a block-wide yard sale, or collect used items from your friends and family members to sell at your own. Have brochures on hand to pass out to browsers and buyers alike

Having a birthday or anniversary party?  Ask guests to donate to VINE in lieu of presents!

Organize a VINE Friday Lunch. Instead of treating yourself to lunch at your favorite place, why not bag a lunch and donate the money you would have spent on going out to VINE? Brown bag it by yourself, or encourage friends, coworkers, or classmates to join you. You can do this one time or make it a monthly “First Friday” tradition. Visit our Facebook VINE Friday Lunch page for encouragement and ideas.

Prank yourself for VINE! Tell your friends that you will shave your head, moonwalk in public, or perform any other (non-dangerous) stunt they prefer if they help you reach a donation goal for VINE.

Barnyard “Rent Party” — Back in the day, a tenant facing eviction might cook up a vat of spaghetti, rev up the record player, and invite friends and neighbors to pay a few dollars for the pleasure of a meal and a night of revelry. You can do the same, with the proceeds going to pay VINE’s hay bill  instead of the landlord. (Record player not required.)

Trivia Night Hold a trivia night at your home or favorite vegan spot. Charge admission to trivia night.

“Bored” Games Extravaganza — Especially in the winter, people sometimes need an excuse to get together for some non-boring activites. Gather as many board games as you can, from friends or at thrift shops, and then invite everyone you know for a night of games-playing at your house, a local community center, or a friendly coffee shop. Charge an admission fee or wait to pass the hat when everyone is in a good mood from having so much fun.

Going Once, Going Twice… Organize an auction —loud or silent, live or online— for VINE. Solicit local vegan and animal-friendly businesses to donate items or gift certificates that you can auction off for VINE. We’ll be happy to provide the businesses with the documentation they need to make their in-kind contribution tax-deductible.

Karaoke Having a karaoke party or event at your local club? Why not take in the door money or charge a cover to raise money for VINE? Let us know, we’ll tell everyone we know.

Vegan Drinks for VINE — Do you participate in a vegan drinks, vegan book club, or other vegan meet-up? Why not make one of your regular meetings a fundraiser for VINE? You can charge a nominal “cover” at the door or pass the hat after saying a few words about VINE.

Have a walk- or bike-athon for VINE! Like to walk or bike? You can do that while raising funds for VINE—by yourself, with one or a few friends, or as a community event. Just choose a route (public bike and walking paths often have already calculated the distance for you), pick a day, gather pledges for each lap or mile, and go! We’ll provide the pledge forms plus brochures to give to your sponsors. (P.S. — this works for kayaking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, and roller-skating too!)

Book Swap or Book Sale — Got more books than you can count? Why not gather amongst friends to swap books on veganism, animal rights, vegan cooking and other animal-related causes?  Book swap participants could pay a small admission fee to grab some great new reads, with proceeds to benefit VINE. Or, you could combine your own used books with those of friends, family, and fellow animal advocates and hold a campus or community book sale, with proceeds going to VINE

Clothing swap Hold a get together where everyone can swap vegan clothes. Not fitting into things properly? Have too much stuff?  Sick of the things you have? This is a great way to energize your wardrobe without buying NEW items! Charge a fee for those interested in participating and donate that to VINE!

Vegan Bake Sale — Vegan bake sales are a great way to raise money while demonstrating how delicious vegan can be. With permission, you can set up a table on campus, in front of a food co-op, or other high-traffic location. Vegan businesses are sometimes willing to host indoor one-day bake sales. Invite friends to help you bake or contribute cookies and cakes of their own. If you work in an office, an easy way to bake for VINE is to bring a plate of cookies, along with a donation jar, to work.

Dining out for animals—Ask a local vegan eatery (or two, or three) to agree to donate a proportion of one day’s sales to VINE Sanctuary, in exchange for which you will do the work of making sure their tables are hopping all night long.

Sing for the birds!  Are you in a band or do you know musicians? Put out a collection jar for VINE and talk about what VINE does during your performance. Contact VINE for literature and pointers. We’d love to help you promote your event.

Zumba for VINE! Are you a zumba, yoga, aerobics, or other kind of fitness instructor? Why not host a public session for VINE? Registration fees could be dedicated to keeping the residents of VINE Sanctuary physically fit.

Hold a vegan chili or mac & “cheese” cook-off! Do you know some awesome cooks and hungry people? Why not hold a vegan cook-off and send the proceeds to feed the animals at VINE? Provide an opportunity for local cooks to show off their cooking talents while promoting veganism and helping VINE! Contact us for detail and we will help you organize and promote your event!

Art show/contest — If you’re an artist, perhaps you and some of your like-minded friends could coordinate your talents with a vegan or animal rights-themed art display at a local café, gallery or restaurant. Guests could vote for their favorites by donating money, with the proceeds going to VINE. This option could also work in an online format, with guests logging in to vote on their favorite entries in a virtual “art show.”

Calling all fashionistas! Why not organize a community event emphasizing the gentler and greener side of fashion? Not only will your event showcase some seriously stylish upcycled looks obtained without feathers, fur, leather, silk or wool, but door proceeds could assist VINE in the continued care of our wooly and feathered sanctuary residents. We will help you get out the word. Contact VINE for details!

Write and sell your own vegan cookbook for VINE Do you enjoy cooking and sharing your favorite recipes with friends? Have you always wanted to see your name in print? Why not get together with your friends and neighbors and write up a community vegan cookbook, with proceeds donated to VINE? Don’t forget to hold a block party or other community event so that non-vegans can taste all of the delicious recipes! Make the food free but leave donation jars on the tables.

Make your New Year’s Eve party a “last chance for procrastinators” party. As you count down to the new year, give your guests an opportunity to make a last-minute donate to VINE in time for the tax deduction to apply.