Factory farming pollutes and wastes natural resources. Runoff and effluents from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) pollute the land and the water. At the same time, meat, dairy, and egg production consume excessive amounts of water and energy. All told, animal agriculture is the top cause of water pollution worldwide and uses more water than all other human purposes combines.

Because cycling plants through animals rather than eating them directly is an inherently inefficient way to produce food, even small-scale “organic” animal agriculture operations waste land and water resources while causing unnecessary pollution. We all pay the price.

This has always been true. Now, we also know that animal agriculture contributes more to global warming than any other industrial sector, even transportation!

At the same time, water pollution, desertification, and, increasingly, climate change menace animals as individuals and species. From frogs born with extra legs due to water pollution to migrating birds who can’t find food because of climate change, free animals suffer due to the effects of our abuse of captive animals.

If you care about animals, go green; if you care about the environment, go vegan.