Recent Rescues

Hand-sewn "jumpers" keep rescued hens with feather-loss warm until they regrow their plumage

Our relocation from Maryland to Vermont in mid-2009 enabled us to substantially expand the number and kind of animals to whom we offer sanctuary. At present, 80 roosters, 165 hens, 20 pigeons, 30 doves, 8 ducks, 3 geese, 2 turkeys, 2 horses, 6 cows, and 5 parakeets call VINE home… and more arrive almost . . . → Read More: Recent Rescues

Ancient History


Here’s a  retrospective timeline of a just a few of the larger rescue efforts we’ve joined in previous years:

2009—welcomed and rehabilitated 8 former fighting roosters confiscated by authorities in Virginia—read an account of their journey to the sanctuary here 2008—welcomed a group of chicks who had mysteriously turned up at an animal shelter . . . → Read More: Ancient History