Fanny with pattrice and cats

For many years, the bold hen we called Fanny was the sanctuary’s official greeter, not to mention our most effective solicitor of donations.

Fanny came to the sanctuary after an 18-month term in a North Carolina egg factory. Usually, so-called “spent hens” who no longer lay eggs every day are . . . → Read More: Fanny

Felicia the Co-Parent

Felicia (right) helps raise feral chicks

Felicia came to the sanctuary from an egg factory, where she and thousands of others had been left to starve when the owner went bankrupt. Even after recovering from that trauma, she stayed skinny and sickly, often needing to spend time in the infirmary. Still she survived. Every winter, she caught a cold from . . . → Read More: Felicia the Co-Parent

Violet and Chickweed sanctuary

The brother and sister duo of Violet and Chickweed were the second and third chickens in residence at what would become the Eastern Shore Sanctuary and then Vine Sanctuary. Like Viktor, they had leapt or fallen from a truck headed for the factory. Found on the roadside by a nice lady, they rode . . . → Read More: Violet and Chickweed



Named for the concentration camp survivor who went on to become an existentialist psychiatrist, “Viktor Frankl” was the true founder of the sanctuary. He fell or leapt from a truck heading for the slaughterhouse and ended up in a ditch near our house. Pattrice and Miriam Jones brought him home, made a place for . . . → Read More: Viktor