2013 Challenge


Thanks to the pledge of a generous anonymous benefactor, all 2013 donations to VINE Sanctuary will be matched — dollar for dollar, up to $100,000!

Donate now to double your dollars, or read on for the full story.

Here’s the backstory: For our first nine years, as Eastern Shore Sanctuary, we were a bird sanctuary —chickens mostly, but also some ducks and a turkey— on a couple of acres surrounded by factory farms on the Delmarva peninsula. Cofounders Miram and pattrice volunteered their time while working other jobs and reached into their own pockets whenever donations didn’t cover costs. Miriam and Aram did the same just after our relocation to Vermont in 2009.



We made that move  with the hope of expanding the sanctuary to offer refuge to survivors of the dairy industry. An anonymous donor and a foundation stepped forward to make that transition possible, funding the acquisition of land and the erection of structures — including not only barns and coops but also housing for the full-time animal caregiver we would now need. (We did it all as “greenly” as possible, by the way, using green building practices, installing solar power, clearing only land that had previously been pasture, and reserving most of the land as wildlife refuge.) Other foundations and individual donors have funded other expansions, such as the new pigeon aviary and the coop for vulnerable “broiler” chickens now under construction.

...and now

…and now

More and bigger animals eat more and need more veterinary care. They occupy more structures, all of which must be cleaned every day. So now, even though the on-time costs of our expansion have been paid, we have much higher day-to-day costs than ever before. Our education and advocacy efforts as well as our contributions to strategic thinking within the animal liberation movement follow the same calculus: The more we do, the more costs we incur.

While we can count on foundation grants to cover some costs, most of our funding —especially the general operating expenses of running the sanctuary— has to come from individual donors.

And so a generous sponsor has stepped up with a challenge: Help VINE make the most of the pledge to match every 2013 donation up to $100,00 by making a donation yourself if you can, and —this is very important— by sharing the challenge with the people in your social network who might not yet know about VINE but might be inclined to make a donation to help us reach our goal.

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More than 80% of our budget goes to the care and housing of sanctuary residents. If you prefer, instead, to support our education and advocacy effort, use the rainbow button below to make a PRIDE Drive donation today!

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VINE Sanctuary is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation, so your gifts are tax deductible. And, again, anything you give in 2013 will be matched by our challenge grant donor!

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